Iranian G3

Iranian license G3 captured in Iraq 2007.

Magwell markings indicate year of production is 1987.

Note the Farsi markings on the left side trigger housing


Magwell markings showing Defense Industries Organisation logo. It appears to consist of a G3

and an MG3 crossed over what appears to be an RPG with a cogwheel in the background.


   .Ordinary S-E-F markings on the right side of the trigger housing



Magwell markings showing the Shah of Iran's coat of arms, a lion holding a scimitar.

This marking was used until the Shah was overthrown.


The above symbol was used as a magwell marking for a period when Khomeini was in power.     It is also the current symbol used in Iran's national flag.  The current magwell marking is the DIO logo seen near the top of the page.




Iranian G3, export version

Iranian license steel magazine markings. Magazine is only marked G3.


Magwell is marked G3 and 6-digit serial no.