Turkish MKE T41 

The MKE T41 is a semiautomatic G3 version made for the civilian market. 

It is made by MAKiNA ve KiMYA ENDÜSTRiSi KURUMU or Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation.

Turkey obtained a license to build HK G3, HK33, various MP5 models and recently, the HK 416 which is also built by MKE and designated the Mehmetçik-1.

MKE also offers a variety of civilian versions of the HK roller lock models.

Magwell markings read MKE T41 7.62 x 51mm   T0624-08  indicating mfg. in 2008. What T0624 means is unclear, it might be a model code or similar.

 Bolt carrier marked MKE-10-00 indicating mfg. in October 2000.


Buttstock marked MKE-08 indicating mfg. in 2008